Brikabrak presents: Diane

Multiple acts

Brikabrak presents: Diane
Afro, Dance, House

Collectively celebrating world music

What happens when the concept of sound becomes the essence of who you are? Yep. You make it your day job, your hobby, the air you breathe, your main addiction and the friend your partner shouldn’t worry about . DIANE is a Brussels based sound engineer and DJ, forever browsing the audible range of sound frequencies for that perfect track that hits your soul. Expect eclectic sets, waves that make you move, from pioneering early dubstep jams to jazz but also funk, afro house, disco, soulful vibes, future bass, lo-fi, hard hitting house, grime and lot of things from UK.
Creating a universe of its own as part of Brikabrak collective celebrating music from all over the world.

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