The longer the waiting

30 August 2021

The longer the waiting

The first weekend of GATE is over. Simply calling it a success would not do the past 4 days credit. Everyone was over the moon, the venue a true discovery for many, the animations downright breathtaking, the bars and restaurants crowded and the concerts glorious. We have all been fasting for 2 years and this feast was long overdue. 

We opened the gates on Thursday, co-hosted by our friends at Volta. The first visitors got to enjoy Stace's heavenly voice, while Tukan got the crowd moving a bit later. Headliner Brihang did what only he knows so well: juggling with words, mastering the art of live hip-hop with a twist. Closer DJ Marcelle fully lived up to her cult status with a mad set of eclectic beats.

Tickets for part 2 had been gone for some time, mainly due to king ZG, who curated the evening and opened with a sunny DJ set. Afterwards, drum and keyboard geniuses Lander & Adriaan, showed us the future of house music. Frenetik played an impressive set of solid rap and modest reflection. Afterwards, local phenomenon LeFtO got to start his set with an unhinged Zwangere Guy at the mic. A delightful surprise for an overjoyed audience. The evening couldn't have ended better, LeFto showed us every corner of the musical spectrum and DRKNGHTS Collective capped off with their trademark acid bangers. 

Genre switch on Saturday, when a sunny Studio CityGate trembled to the sound of the Gate Dub Sessions. Non-stop dub music by The Roots Corner Soundsystem, the Reggaebus Soundsystem and countless highly regarded invitees like Omar Perry (R.I.P. daddy Lee Scratch) and Roberto Sanchez. A hit. From calmly swaying chillers to frenzied dancers, the universal love that emerged was a joy to witness.

The Sunday entrance was free and attracted over 600 curious locals. In addition to 2 great Volta concerts by Badi and Zeta Clan and the wonderful DJ sets of the Brikabrak crew, our fourth chapter was above all a welcome moment to enjoy the many animations that GATE has to offer. The Byrrrh and Skate performances are pure entertainment, the wacky costumes of Kimbalambala République and the Anger Games are the subject of endless stories (what was once a car is reduced to a pile of junk). The fresco by Eyes-B a miracle in the making, Borokov's men started a true Balkan rave in the rain, the hairdresser made your beautiful muzzles just that little bit fresher. And our fortune teller? She predicts more joy, more sun and more music for part 2. If you hurry, you can still buy a ticket to (re)discover GATE. Comes with a good vibes guarantee, thanks to the likes of JeanJass, Pongo, L'Or Du Commun and Juicy.

Tickets & line-up

Thursday 2/9 (Pongo, Benjamin Epps, Frontal, The Gallands,...): €18 (+reservation fee)
Friday 3/9 (JeanJass, Habibi Funk, Miss Angel, MADMADMAD, ...): €18 (+reservation fee)
Saturday 4/9 (L'Or Du Commun, Juicy, Philou Louzolo, Kabola,...): €18 (+reservation fee)- Last 200 tickets
Sunday 5/9 (Blck Mamba, Susobrino, Yooth,...): FREE

COMBI 2-3-4/9: €45 (+reservation fee) - LAST 50 tickets