Mayito Rivera and Conexion Cubana

Friday 03/9 • Stage • 19:45 - 20:45

Mayito Rivera and Conexion Cubana
Cuba , Germany
Afro, Bolero, Salsa, Son

A lo Cubano

Without a doubt, Mario “Mayito“ Rivera, ”El Poeta de la Rumba”, is one of the five leading Cuban vocalists worldwide! For more
than 20 years he has been the unmistakable voice and face of the internationally acclaimed Cuban band Los Van Van. Son, Rumba, Afro, Salsa, Bolero or Timba - Mayito Rivera’s singing, tremolo and timbre are always topnotch. He already received several awards for his exceptional voice and won, together with Los Van Van, a Grammy award. His solo album “Negrito Bailando” got nominated for another Grammy in the category “Best Salsa Album of the Year”.

The diverse talent of the “poet of Rumba” is also highly regarded by fellow musicians, who invite him for guest performances worldwide: Salsa celebrities such as Oscar d´ Leon, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Issac Delgaado or Son Como Son, Timbalive and many more. After leaving Los Van Van in 2011, Mayito Rivera is now making his own way with his band “Sons of Cuba” – a sextet of young top-class musicians from his home country. Together they present an explosive mix of perfect arrangements and a completely new blend of modern and classical rhythms reaching from Salsa, Rumba, Afro and Timba to Jazz and Funk. For Cuban standards, where the average band size is around 10-14 musicians, this  formation is relatively small. Consequently, it is even more amazing how much power and drive this fresh, new ensemble radiates on stage and how it electrifies audiences of all nations!